Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips
Comfi Slips

Comfi Slips

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Feel relief in every step. Make the world feel softer than a marshmallow! Slide into heavenly comfort with the world's softest massage sandals. 
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    Customer Spotlight

    Bought a bunch for a friend's hen do. Everyone absolutely loved wearing these everywhere and didn't want to take them off! Super comfy.


    Bristol, UK
    Have a couple of pairs that I love, got one for my best friend and she loves them too.


    Fresno, USA

    What Are Comfi Slips?

    They feel great on your feet!  

    The 4.5cm thick, premium molded EVA platform sole makes it feel like you're walking on cushions. No abrasions, no blisters.  

    Gives you instant relief from foot pain or a busy day!  

    Orthotic heel support with acupuncture-style foot massage texture and cushioning. It's like a dreamy, cloudy, walking massage.  

    Safer to walk in, unlike regular flip flops  

    Designed with a special footbed with raised diamond texture, extra grippy outsole with wave-shaped texture. No more sliding and no more catching.  

    Super easy to maintain  

    Comfi Briefs weigh less than your smartphone. They are completely waterproof and are super easy to clean. They are also fully breathable and are anti-odor.  

    You can take them anywhere  

    It doesn't matter if you're sitting at home, in the shower, by the pool or just out and about. They always look good on you.  

    Made for men and women  

    Please choose your color and head during checkout - our sizes are suitable for men's and women's regular sizes.  

    Hey! How About A Foot Massage?

    Every corner of the Comfi Slips is softened, curved and cushioned to ensure that every step feels like a dreamy foot massage. Unlike regular sandals, you can now feel instant relief thanks to: A molded cup design that cradles and protects your feet from all sides. Wide, thick and soft straps that feel like light cushions on the tops of your feet, and padded toe protection that is rounded at the front, perfect with or without socks. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's Your Delivery & Returns Policy?

    Once our team processes your order within 1 business day, expect to get it within 5 to 7 working days, we ship from a variety of locations UK wide. Most of our products are shipped and delivered via FBA, Royal Mail, Hermes or UPS. 

    We are currently offering free delivery on all orders. 

    We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. Returns are free in cases of wrong size sent, wrong colour or damaged items.

    Are Comfi Slips Suitable For Wider Feet?

    Yes, Comfi Slips offer a forgiving, wide toe box and soft straps that flex to accommodate and cradle your foot shape. Wider feet or those with bunions will find our sandals particularly comfortable.

    Do These Cure Foot Pain?

    Most of our customers who experience foot pain say they help a lot! But no, they don't cure foot pain. Pillow Slides, however, compress with every step and absorb the position of your foot, making it more comfortable than most shoes.  

    Are They As Comfortable As They Look?

    Yes, but they are a little stiffer when you get them. Wear them for a week to soak in and they will soften, or soak in warm water for 30 minutes.

    Are They Waterproof?

    Yes, you can wear them in all circumstances. Wear them on the beach, indoors, in the shower, during a walk, etc.

    Where Can I Wear These?

    The most comfortable slides in the world are waterproof, durable and flexible - carry them wherever you want. Very soft and gentle to relax on the sofa. Extra grip on the sole, perfect for the shower or the pool. Easily washable and durable for walking outdoors or in the garden.

    How Did We Make Them So Comfortable?

    • Diamond Grid Footbed: Gently massages the foot like an acupuncture therapy treatment with every step. 
    • 4.5cm thick support: Therapeutic heel cushioning that compresses and relaxes your feet with every step. 
    • Micro Groove Grip: Perfect for wet surfaces - never slip again due to the secure molded outsole with added shape, texture and hold.

    How Do I Get In Contact With You?

    For any enquiries regarding our products and service or for order that you have placed, please contact our Customer Service:

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